Larry Fisk
Lynn Folsom
Pat Hegedus
Kath Hnidan
Marsha Jensen-Wright
David Johnson
Sandra Kenly 
Ralph Kennard

Congratulations! Thank you for all your years of dedication, creativity, and passion!

We look forward to adding more dedicated individuals to this list! Want to join our Board of Directors? Click here to learn more

Ross Ash
Barb Baker
Floyd Baxter
Marge Bevans
Blaine Bunnage
Debbie Burt
Mark Easthope
Kathryn Easthope

Maureen Laing
Carrie Little
Wes Murphy
Nola Neilson
Barb Nish
Terry Petrie
Arnold Pitcher
Craig Schindler
Alice Sheen
Larry Schow
Val Shipley
Brenda Sommerfeldt
Bill Simon
Joan Strang
Wayne Strong

Lifetime memberships

In order for an individual to earn a lifetime membership, they must participate in at least 10 shows (at least 40 hours each) and serve on the Cardston Community Theatre Board for 2 consecutive terms (2 years each). 

Along with our sincere gratitude and appreciation, the Lifetime Members enjoy 2 free tickets to each of our shows for life. 

Our current Lifetime Members are:​​​